Back to Cupcake Basics

It’s amazing what the brain remembers. Sometimes I can’t recall my password to login to an online account. However, I still know the name of the bakery a business associate recommended over five years ago. It was Mommie Helen’s Bakery in Colton, California. Back then, I browsed their website and was introduced to Roseberry Cobbler. It’s their… Continue reading Back to Cupcake Basics

My Chocolate-Covered Cupcake Holiday

Did you know that December 16 was National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day? How did you celebrate? I confess this holiday caught me by surprise and it took me a couple of days to find a suitable way to indulge. However, thanks to the mobile bakery Cookies Your Way based in Corona, California I succeeded. You see… Continue reading My Chocolate-Covered Cupcake Holiday

The Bakery That Came to Dinner

Like many families, mine has certain holiday traditions. We all bring items so no single person is responsible for the meal. For desserts, homemade is expected. As a Frosting Fanatic, I always appraise the dessert table before dinner. This Thanksgiving, I was surprised to see a German Chocolate Cake resting upon a glass plate. “Who… Continue reading The Bakery That Came to Dinner