Recipe Review: Nutella S’mores Bars

Sometimes your mind just won’t let go. It could be a memory, a person, a song or food. Maybe that’s why things did not go as planned this week. I had a dessert mission scheduled. But I couldn’t stop thinking about these Nutella S’mores Bars. A s’more inspired recipe has been on my agenda for a while. I’ve… Continue reading Recipe Review: Nutella S’mores Bars

I Want S’more Waffles

As a child, my summertime dessert needs were simple. I just craved more ice cream and Popsicles. With age, I began to appreciate the luscious fruits of the season, and the culinary confections that came along with it. For many years that kept me content.  But apparently, I’ve been missing out. I never learned to get excited about… Continue reading I Want S’more Waffles

It’s Simpler with Cupcakes

Life is full of simple pleasures. Whether it’s a special place within the city, a seemingly mundane activity, or a favorite food. Admittedly, one of mine are cupcakes. No matter how stressful the day, troubles seem to melt away, and for a few moments, life isn’t as complicated. This feeling was prevalent on my last… Continue reading It’s Simpler with Cupcakes