The Nutty Side of Sprinkles

Sometimes you just have to let go, let loose, and go nuts – even if you’re a business.  So this July, Sprinkles Cupcakes debuted a new flavor, Pistachio. To some of you that may sound ordinary. But for those familiar with Sprinkles, you know there’s nothing common about their cupcakes.  Their Pistachio Cupcake is loaded… Continue reading The Nutty Side of Sprinkles

A Series of Unlucky Cupcake Events

Try as we might, sometimes things just don’t work out.  It’s simply a fact of life. Logically, I know this to be true. Even so, it offers little solace, especially when the universe conspires against your cupcake quest. You see, I was supposed to investigate a cupcake shop in South Pasadena. I’d heard of the bakery through Living Social and… Continue reading A Series of Unlucky Cupcake Events

Copycat Cupcakes

As consumers, we’re accustomed to the rivalries between competitors and the lengths some will go to surpass the other. Usually, it’s about differentiation, how one is better at this, costs less than that, or offers more… well, you get the point. The same holds true for the cupcake industry. With so many players in an… Continue reading Copycat Cupcakes