Chasing Cupcakes in the Rain

We had some big news in Southern California this week – rain. Sure, those of you living in other areas may laugh. However, stormy weather is news for us. It was the top story across most networks. Even Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at our rainfall coverage. Although, driving on such days is no joke. Traffic worsens and accidents increase. Not the ideal time for… Continue reading Chasing Cupcakes in the Rain

My Frosting Frenemy

Sometimes we have to confront the past to grow. After a year of avoidance, I decided it was my time. Time to face my frosting frenemy – a blend of friend and enemy.  It’s the appropriate word to describe my feelings toward Sweet Arleen’s. This 3-Peat Winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars left an indelible impression with… Continue reading My Frosting Frenemy

Real Cupcakes Only

I won’t eat a dessert that’s not worth the calories. Especially when I’m having a cupcake, I want an indulgent experience. If you’re trying to make it lighter or less sweet, that defeats the purpose of dessert. I bring this up now because I had an underwhelming cupcake experience on my last reconnaissance. I went… Continue reading Real Cupcakes Only