The Wonderful Wahfles Way

Sometimes we look so hard we can’t see the forest through the trees. Or in my case, the unique dessert nearby. That’s right. I’ve been missing out on a sweet treat for over a year – Wahfles Desserts & Cafe in Chino Hills, CA. It took a random Google search to find them. I don’t recall the parameters.… Continue reading The Wonderful Wahfles Way

The Birthday Wookie (Waffle + Cookie)

“You’ll never stumble upon the unexpected if you stick with the familiar.” It was a Tuesday, the first full day of fall. It was a signal for change, a day for reflection, and a day for celebration. It was my birthday. As I heard from friends and family, some asked what frosted dessert would be my indulgence of choice.… Continue reading The Birthday Wookie (Waffle + Cookie)